• Ph.D. in social psychology, University of Nebraska, 1972; M.S. in psychology, Kansas State University, 1970; B.A., Kansas State University, 1968

Lodis Rhodes has a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Nebraska. Prior to his appointment at the LBJ School in 1974, he was a Fellow of the American Council on Education and created the Institute for Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska. At UT Austin he has served as Assistant to the Vice President and Provost and as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research at the LBJ School.

Rhodes teaches courses on management, community development, and education policy. He leads a multi-year research project on "best practices" to ensure equitable access to digital technologies. The current phase of the project looks at how and where communities use interactive technologies. It includes a study of the public access sites of the AFN-Neighborhood Network that was created during an earlier phase of the project.

Rhodes is cofounder and Chairman of the Board of theĀ Austin Learning Academy, a community-based research and development laboratory that focuses on education.

Media Expertise
  • Technology Policy
  • Education Policy
  • Management