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Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree Programs - Engineering and Public Affairs

Engineering and Public Affairs

The LBJ School of Public Affairs and the College of Engineering offer a dual degree program leading to the degrees of Master of Public Affairs and Master of Science in Engineering in any of several engineering major areas. The program is designed to prepare qualified engineering and public affairs students for careers at any level of government and in public policy related areas of the engineering profession. Alumni currently hold positions in the offices of local, state and national government agencies, engineering consulting firms, universities and industries.

Program Structure

The program is structured so that students can earn the M.P.Aff. and M.S.E. degrees simultaneously. In general, a minimum of two full years is required to complete this program.

  • Year I: Full academic year in the LBJ School, followed by a required summer internship with a governmental agency or other organization with a substantial public policy interest.
  • Year II: Full academic year in the College of Engineering, followed by thesis research in the summer after the academic year.
  • Year III: Remaining LBJ School courses (if needed) and completion of a master's thesis in the College of Engineering.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete at least 36 LBJ School credit hours and 30 credit hours in one of the majors in the College of Engineering, including all the core courses in each school, plus a 3-hour professional report or 6-hour thesis, depending on the requirements of the particular engineering degree. Students should obtain information regarding the unique degree requirements for each engineering major.

Admissions and Other Information

The LBJ School Faculty Coordinator for the Public Affairs/Engineering dual degree program is Professor David Eaton.
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