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Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree Programs - Communication and Public Affairs

Communication and Public Affairs

The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and the College of Communication of The University of Texas at Austin offer a joint program leading to the Master of Public Affairs and the Master of Arts in Communication in any of four areas of communication: advertising, journalism, radio-television-film and speech communication. Interdisciplinary in nature, the program combines advanced policy studies with the study of communication theories and processes. The program was created in response to an increased need in both public and private sectors for public policy analysts who have a theoretical understanding of one of the disciplines of communication.

Program Structure

The dual degree program is structured so that students can earn both master's degrees in three years. Although the program is flexible, students are advised to concentrate on the first-year core course requirements in each school during the first two years and then complete remaining requirements and electives in both schools in the third year. Students will usually take their internship after the second year, when most core requirements in both schools have been completed.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 69 credit hours of work in public affairs and communication, which includes a master's professional report. The curriculum includes the following:

Public Affairs

  • 21 hours of required public affairs core courses
  • 6 hours Policy Research Project
  • 9 hours public affairs electives
  • Summer internship


  • 30 hours of coursework in one of four communication areas: advertising, journalism, radio-television-film or communication studies. Each specialization is offered through a separate department in the College of Communication
  • 3 hours professional report

Admissions and Other Information

The LBJ School Faculty Coordinator for the Public Affairs/Communications dual degree program is Professor Jacqueline Angel.
College of Communication Dual Degree Program
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