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Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree Programs - Business and Public Affairs

Business and Public Affairs

A growing interrelationship between the public and private sectors has increased the need for persons with a combination of policy-related skills and one or more business administration specializations. The dual program in business and public affairs is designed to fill this need by training qualified students in a coordinated program of coursework in public affairs and an advanced business field. Graduates should be prepared to move into careers at any level of government and various business/government-related areas of the private sector.

Program Structure

The program is structured so that students can earn the Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Public Affairs degree simultaneously in three years and one summer rather than the four years and two summers the two degrees would otherwise require. Dual program students, who become part of the entering class cohort in each School, spend their time in the program as follows:

  • Year I: Two full semesters in the LBJ School
  • Year II: Two full semesters in the McCombs School of Business
  • Year III: Courses in both the LBJ School and the McCombs School and completion of the professional report

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 80 credit hours—47 credits in the McCombs School and 33 credits in the LBJ School—to earn both the MBA degree and the MPAff degree through the dual degree program. The curriculum includes core courses and electives in both schools, a jointly supervised professional report, and a summer internship with a government agency or other organization with a substantial public orientation. With the approval of the LBJ School or McCombs School dean's office, elective course credit can be earned by successfully completing graduate courses in other University departments such as Economics or Community and Regional Planning.

Admissions and Other Information

The LBJ School Faculty Coordinator for the Public Affairs/Business dual degree program is Professor Michael Granof.
McCombs Dual Degree Program
LBJ Admissions Information
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