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Master of Global Policy Studies Dual Degree Programs - MGPS and Business

MGPS Dual Degree with the McCombs School of Business

The LBJ School and the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin offer a dual degree program leading to two graduate degrees, the Master of Global Policy Studies (MGPS) degree and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The dual degree program responds to an increased need in both the public and private sectors for specialists with an advanced understanding of the global environment, governance within and among countries and companies, and cross-cultural challenges and opportunities. The program emphasizes practical knowledge, including hands-on connections to industry and government, and offers graduates the opportunity to earn a clear competitive advantage over other applicants for jobs in the global economy who have only a traditional business or policy degree.

Program Structure

Students can earn both degrees simultaneously in approximately three academic years. Degrees are awarded when the required course work in both areas is completed. Students in the dual degree program take the following courses, which total 84 credit hours of work:

Global Policy Studies

  • The Global Policy Studies core courses (22 hours): Policymaking in a Global Age, Microeconomics, The Nature of the International System, Analytical Methods for Global Policy Studies, International Economics, Policy Research Project, and Crisis Management. An MGPS specialization (12 hours) chosen from Security, Law, and Diplomacy; International Trade and Finance; Development; Global Governance and International Law; International Energy, Environment, and Technology; Regional International Policy; or a student-initiated specialization. Specialization courses should be selected based on their relationship to the overall dual-degree program, as agreed with the Graduate Adviser.
  • Summer internship in an office where activity is related to the dual degree program.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.
  • Master Professional Report


  • The first-year curriculum in the MBA program consists of the following courses: Statistics (2 hours), Financial Accounting (2 hours), Financial Management (2 hours), Managerial Economics (3 hours), Marketing Management (2 hours), Strategic Management (3 hours), Operations Management (2 hours), Career Development (1 hour), 3 flexible- core electives (6 hours) and the student's choice of 3 elective courses from the College of Business offerings (9 hours).
  • The remaining hours at the Business School (15) are electives.
 Additional Information

Students interest in the MGPS/MBA  dual degree program should consult the web pages of both component programs.

Master of Global Policy Studies

McCombs School of Business