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While professional and educational experience open up many career paths, personal and professional contacts are often integral to finding a job, particularly entry-level positions. This section covers several resources that can help expand your network of professional contacts. Whenever you reach out to someone, whether an old friend or an alumnus/a you’ve never met, make sure you are respectful of the demands of their busy schedule and that your questions are clear, courteous, and within your contact’s ability to answer. 


Linkedin is a professional networking site that lets you post your resume and career interests, connect with colleagues and friends, and learn about new opportunities in your field. LBJ School Students and alumni have a group of over one thousand members across the world, particularly in Washington, DC and Austin.

LBJ Alumni Database

This searchable database has contact information for over 3000 LBJ alumni working in diverse professions and locations. Alumni are almost always willing to help fellow LBJers seeking jobs, but be sure your inquiries are appropriate and courteous.


LBJ School professors have a tremendous breadth and depth of experience across many policy fields, and all are willing to answer thoughtful questions from students about careers in their areas of expertise. Learn more about LBJ School Faculty areas of interest.

Informational interviews

Potential employers frequently visit the LBJ School to talk about careers in their organization and many conduct informational interviews.  Check the Career Resources calendar or contact Monica Jackson (512) 471-3290 for upcoming career events.