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Event:The International Colloquium presents Professor Zak Taylor of Georgia Tech on "Why Great Powers Give Up the Technological Frontier"
Category:LBJ School Events
Date:Thursday, March 12, 2009
Time:12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location:SRH 3.103
Contact:Eugene Gholz
Sponsor:International Affairs Specialization
Description:Professor Zak Taylor from the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech will discuss his work on "Why Great Powers Give Up the Technological Frontier: The Executive, Grand Strategy, and Threat Distribution." Professor Taylor seeks to explain the rise and fall of great powers: a nationís aggregate technological capability has a significant effect on its economic growth, industrial might, and military prowess, yet few major international relations theorists make any attempt to explain variation in national innovation rates. In this presentation, Professor Taylor will show that the distribution of threats facing a country is the key factor in determining its national innovation rate; that the preferences and capabilities of the executive branch are the fulcrum upon which the political decision to innovate depends; that civil-military relations play a major role in determining what mix of industrial policy and defense policy will be the vehicle for a countryís technological trajectory; and that these relationships are relatively insensitive to differences in statesí domestic institutions (e.g. national innovation system, level of democracy, degree of free markets, variety of capitalism, government decentralization, etc.).

This event is part of a series of discussions sponsored by the the Master's in Global Policy Studies and the International Affairs Specialization of the MPAff program. Students active in those programs are especially encouraged to attend, but everyone from the LBJ School community is welcome. Events include a short presentation followed by a discussion (this is not a traditional question-and-answer session). The meetings are an opportunity to consider interesting contemporary international issues but also to build ties to other LBJ School faculty and students interested in international affairs.

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