Fall 2009 Course Description

Writing and Communication for Global Policy

Section Title: Writing I
Instructor(s): Eugene Gholz
Course: P A 190G - Writing and Communication for Global Policy
Unique Number: 63180
Day & Time: Wednesdays, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: SRH 3.360
Waitlist Information:For LBJ Students: UT Waitlist Information
Notes: Class meets 8/26 - 9/23/09

Description: Students in the writing course seek to develop advanced individual writing skills suitable for a career in global policy. They will complete a set of exercises to practice professional style and composition, following the guidelines in key texts such as Strunk and White's Elements of Style. Some writing assignments may be tied to attendance at various colloquia affiliated with the MGPS program. Grading will emphasize policy-oriented writing style rather than the substantive content of the essays.

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