Spring 2010 Course Description

Policy Research Project

Section Title: State Finance & Online Transparency
Instructor(s): Sherri Greenberg
Course: P A 680PB - Policy Research Project
Unique Number: 62305
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: SRH 3.350
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Description: We live in an online world and people increasing expect online transparency concerning their tax dollars. Various states, including Texas, post expenditures online, and the latest buzz is about having federal stimulus plan expenditures tracked online. This Policy Research Project will analyze what is available and what should be available online regarding state government finances in the United States. This will include budgets, actual expenditures, federal stimulus dollars and other financial information.

We will look at Texas and a number of other states and examine what is available online and whether the information is real time and interactive. From a public policy perspective we will analyze how currently available financial information meets people’s expectations in today’s online world. Interested parties will include legislators, interest groups, constituents and members of the press. We will produce a report and make recommendations regarding the type of financial information that should be available online in Texas and other states. This PRP will work with the Texas Freedom of Information Foundation, and will work in conjunction with Professor Gary Chapman’s PRP.

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