Fall 2009 Course Description

Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Section Title: The Role Of Intelligence In Security Affairs
Instructor(s): James Olson
Course: P A 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy
(previously Seminar in Topics in Public Policy)
Unique Number: 63055
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Room: SRH 3.355
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Notes: Course can be used for MGPS program.

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Description: This three-hour graduate course is a survey of intelligence operations, techniques, objectives, and resources, with particular emphasis on how intelligence has contributed and continues to contribute to national security. All the major disciplines of intelligence will be examined in detail, i.e., espionage, covert action, imagery, and signals intelligence. Although the majority of the material will focus on U.S. intelligence, the intelligence operations of several other countries will be examined as well. There will be in-depth discussions of the moral and legal issues relating to intelligence operations, the decision making process, support to U.S. foreign policy objectives, limitations, and future directions.

Students who complete this course will have a sophisticated understanding of all aspects of U.S. and foreign intelligence operations. They will appreciate how expensive intelligence collection is, how U.S. policy makers use intelligence, and how the various components of the U.S. intelligence community interact.

Required Textbooks:

Other readings will be assigned throughout the course and will be available to the students in the form of handouts.

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