Fall 2009 Course Description

Politics and Process

Section Title: Addressing Public Policy in the 21st Century
Instructor(s): Angela Evans
Course: P A 383C - Politics and Process
(previously Policy Development)
Unique Number: 62990
Day & Time: Wednesdays, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: SRH 3.314
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Description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with an appreciation for the complexity of public policy problems; an understanding of how to identify and focus on the root causes of these problems; and a facility and skill set for utilizing analytic approaches to help address them.

The course will focus on the development and study of public policy at the national level. Students will discuss what public policy is, how it begins, how it develops, how it is influenced, and how it moves through Congress.

The student will (1) examine selected public policy problems with roots in contemporary society; (2) identify the nature of these problems; (3) analyze the attendant challenges these problems create for the future wellbeing of our nation; (4) explore ways the problem has been addressed and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions offered thus far; (5) explore ways the executive and judicial branches of government influence these policy problems; (6) develop new options for addressing these problems in the future; and (7) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these options.


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  2. Eugene Bardach, A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis, 2nd ed., 2005, Congressional Quarterly Press.

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