Models of Ethical Leadership for a Changing World

January 2001


Opening Dinner - Keynote Address
     Leadership in the Twenty-first Century
          Kwon Roh Kap
Call to Order, Introductions
          Ed Dorn
          Larry Faulkner
Opening Keynote Session
          Ernesto Cortes, Jr.
General Session
     Future Trends and Leadership Implications
          Peter Bishop, Tom Abeles, Alvaro Romo de la Rosa, Glen Georke
Concurrent Sessions I and II
     Leadership Programs in Higher Education
          Arnold Vedlitz, Gill Robinson Hickman, Scott Snook
     Lessons Learned in Leading Government Organizations
          Barry Bales, Jesus Garza, Audrey Selden, Kenneth Apfel
     Leadership Challenges in a Global Context: The Kuwaiti Perspective
          Shafeeq N. Ghabra, Elizabeth Fernea
General Session
     Leadership and the Changing Role of Ethics in Public Life
          James A. Joseph
Concurrent Sessions III and IV
     Helping Students Grow: What Student Leaders Want and Need
          Eric Opiela, Craig Rotter, Marlen Whitley, Bart Cochran
     Leadership in the Information Age
          Jarvis Hollingsworth, Lee Walker, Gary Chapman
     Leadership Programs in Higher Education II
          Howard Prince, Catherine Sweeny, Phillip Thompson
     Leadership in the Balkans
          John Treadway, Charles Ingrao, Gales Stokes, Obrad Kesic
     Developing Leadership in Secondary Education
          Linda Ferreira-Buckley, J. Frank Webster, Esther G. Buckley
Cynthia Levinson, Sue Heinzelman
     Preparing Ethical Leaders in Healthcare
          Dorothy Gordon, Joy Penticuff, Deborah Volker, George Sharpe
General Session
     Leadership in a Democracy: What it Takes Morally
          William May
Appendix A
     Conference Agenda
Appendix B
     List of Attendees

Due to technical difficulties the following sections of the conference were not transcribed:
     Teaching Ethical Leadership through the Humanities
     Leadership for Community Empowerment
     Leadership in Latin America
     New Styles of Leadership for A New Style of Development in Chile
     Transforming Leadership in South Africa
     Follow the Leader? Civic Disengagement: Why and How to Fix It