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Economic Impact of Rural Military Base Realignment and Closure

Economic Impact of Rural Military Base Realignment and Closure

Directed by Kenneth Matwiczak

America's military bases and installations play a unique role in communities across the nation, providing many economic and social benefits. With the ending of the Cold War, the Department of Defense undertook a systematic reevaluation and reorganization of the country's military bases through the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. Four previous BRAC realignments prepared the way for the 2005 BRAC round, the largest yet, with a list of 837 actions, including major closures and realignments.

The focus of this report, conducted for the Congressional Research Service in 2004-05 by the LBJ School of Public Affairs, is on redevelopment strategies used by selected rural communities to respond to base closures or realignments. The study uses information gathered during previous BRAC rounds as well as new surveys and interviews with stakeholders from affected communities, to create a list of best practices for congressional representatives and local constituents. The report discusses the importance of economic recovery plans and environmental clean-up; identifies federal, state, and private sources of support; and provides recommendations for community leaders and elected authorities. Appendixes include comprehensive summaries of 20 rural BRAC bases from across the United States.

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Special Project Reports Series No. EIR
2006 / 8.5" x 11" / 248 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-921-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-89940-921-4
Publication Code (SP-EIR)

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