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Leave No Employee Uninsured: Health Insurance in Small Texas Businesses

Leave No Employee Uninsured: Health Insurance in Small Texas Businesses

By Jed MacKay Perry

This report examines how small businesses in Texas can provide health insurance benefits to employees. It describes programs in Florida, New York, and California that seek to improve the level of small employer health insurance coverage and evaluates the concept of health insurance purchasing cooperatives and alliances, a popular concept among small business employers in Texas. Concerns about employer/employee choice, access, market continuity, administrative savings, subsidy programs, and insurance rate regulation are all addressed. According to the author, there are several options for Texas to reform insurance regulations to increase the number of insured employees working for small businesses. However, no single approach is likely to produce dramatic increases in the number of insured employees. As a result, if Texas seeks to increase insured employees in small businesses, policymakers will need to develop initiatives that build on the options discussed in this book.

Special Project Reports Series No. LNEU
2003 / 8.5" x 11" / 86 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-919-9
Publication Code (SP-LNEU)


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