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Developing a Regional Plan for Emergency Medical Services in Austin

Developing a Regional Plan for Emergency Medical Services in Austin

By Miguel A. Pavon and Carolina A. Asirifi

This report describes and evaluates the patterns of calls placed to the Austin/Travis County (Texas) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. The report assesses EMS system demands and analyzes the data for spatial and temporal patterns. A data dictionary assures consistent use of terms related to call volume and service responses, and equivalency tables identify measures by which to calibrate the various data sources.

EMS calls originating within Austin city limits, within Travis County, outside the county, within incorporated areas, or by Emergency Medical Service Reporting Areas (EMSRA) form the basis for an analysis that examines the type of calls and when they were received (by the hour, day, or month). The report also describes and evaluates EMS system responses by level and type of service, such as Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, STAR Flight, or First Response.

Chapter 2 provides an overview of Austin, the Austin/Travis County EMS System, and the demand for the EMS System. Chapter 3, which focuses on the EMS ground transport unit and the STAR Flight service, is supported by dozens of color maps and figures.

Special Project Reports Series No. DREMS
2003 / 8.5" x 11" / 172 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-918-0
Publication Code (SP-DREMS)


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