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Emergency Medical Services in Travis County, Texas: An Assessment of Cost, Demand, and Performance

Emergency Medical Services in Travis County, Texas: An Assessment of Cost, Demand, and Performance

By Martin T. Schultz, Donald M. Meyer and David J. Eaton

This report documents trends and patterns in the cost, performance, and demand for emergency medical services in Travis County between August 1988 and May 1995. The study is based on a complete record of emergency calls and system responses occurring in that period. This EMS system, a two-tiered system consisting of ground and helicopter ambulances, serves the City of Austin and surrounding areas in Travis County outside the city limits.

The report will be of interest locally for its documentation of the EMS system. Twenty-nine figures and thirty tables document cost, demand, and performance over a six-year period. It will be of interest elsewhere for the approach and methods used to reduce information to a clear concise format suitable for strategic planning and program evaluation. The report describes methods of forecasting EMS demands and evaluating cost and performance.

Individuals responsible for managing integrated EMS systems, especially those serving a large area consisting of multiple tax bases, will find this report useful for its review of cost allocation methods. The report describes several methods and concludes with a strategy to develop cost allocations that preserve incentives for cooperation between taxing entities.

Special Project Reports Series
1996 / 8.5" x 11" / 135 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-902-4


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