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Policymaking in a Redemocratized Brazil (2 volume set)

Policymaking in a Redemocratized Brazil (2 volume set)

Project directed by Vilmar E. Faria, Lawrence S. Graham and Robert H. Wilson

The reestablishment of a democratic political system in Brazil over the past decade has had a tremendous impact on the way the nation makes and implements public policies. This two-volume report, based on policy research projects conducted over a three-year period, provides an in-depth examination of Brazil's changing policymaking system and its effects on social and economic policies.

Vol. 1: Decentralization and Social Policy

This report includes chapters on historical patterns of governance, health care and public education service delivery, fiscal decentralization, relations between nongovernmental organizations and local governments, racial issues and politics, the federal statue on the rights of children and adolescents, the new politics of community in urban Brazil, low-income housing programs, land reform, the effects of urbanization on the Amazon, and the social and economic effects of large-scale industrial development projects. The report includes 47 tables and 19 figures.

Vol. 2: Public Policy and Social Exclusion

This volume examines four areas in which decentralization has led to social inequities in Brazil. One chapter examines problems in the way unemployment and underemployment are defined, and how these definitions lead policymakers to ignore large segments of the job creation problem. Another chapter looks at the problems of unequal legal protection and persecution, uncovering the factors that contribute to Brazil's tarnished human rights record. A third chapter discusses the housing deficit and the deficiencies of the housing finance system. The final chapter examines the Brazilian Constitution's aims and shortcomings with regard to citizens' rights and participation. The report includes ten tables and eight figures.

Policy Research Project Reports Series No. 119
1997 / 8.5" x 11" / 630 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-729-3
Publication Code (PR-119)


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