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Cross-Border Health Insurance: Options for Texas

Cross-Border Health Insurance: Options for Texas

Directed by David C. Warner and Pablo G. Schneider

Texas leads the nation in the percentage of persons who are uninsured. In 2000, about half of the uninsured in Texas were Hispanic while only about a third of the population was Hispanic. This book examines the development of new cross-border health insurance programs in California that provide coverage in Mexico to U.S. enrollees. These plans range from those that require enrollees to receive most of their care in Mexico to others that enroll preferred providers on both sides of the border. The study also documents the regulatory accommodations that were made in California?and would still need to be made in Texas?to permit the development of these plans. In addition to providing a description and history of the development of these new policies, this book includes three case studies from Texas. In each case?El Paso, the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and Dallas-Fort Worth?the authors look at the needs of the Hispanic population in terms of insurance coverage and try to identify barriers to obtaining such coverage. Cross-border resources currently being employed are also examined for greater potential use.

U.S. Mexican Policy Reports Series No. 12
2004 / 6" x 9" / 376 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-339-5
Publication Code (MPR-12)


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