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U.S.-Mexican Economic Integration: NAFTA at the Grassroots

U.S.-Mexican Economic Integration: NAFTA at the Grassroots

Edited by John Bailey

This collection offers insights into how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is affecting the integration of the U.S. and Mexican economies at the micro level of selected localities and specific industries. The eleven studies included here are the work of thirteen distinguished U.S. and Mexican researchers who have taken a solidly empirical approach to examining the political and social, as well as the economic, dimensions of the way NAFTA is affecting lives at the subnational level on both sides of the border. While situating U.S.-Mexican economic integration within the broader context of economic globalization and political decentralization, the analyses shed important light on local mechanisms through which NAFTA operates. The studies are organized into two sections: Society, Economy, Demography and Government, Politics, Public Opinion. The research collected in this volume was given impetus by a workshop held at Georgetown University in April 1997.

U.S. Mexican Policy Reports Series
2001 / 6" x 9" / 334 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-334-4


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