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Guide to Texas State Agencies, 11th Edition

Guide to Texas State Agencies, 11th Edition

This popular publication--the only reference book of its kind on Texas state government--provides detailed descriptions of the state?s major executive, legislative, and judicial agencies. The Guide offers the most complete agency-related information available, including directory and statutory data as well as descriptions of agencies? programs, functions, and organizational structure. This edition incorporates agency-related changes made by the 76th Legislature in 1999. It provides detailed descriptions of over 130 executive, legislative, and judicial agencies that make up Texas state government; describes requirements for board and commission membership; and gives board members? names, home towns, dates of appointment/election, senate confirmation, and term expiration date. Detailed appendixes rank agencies by level of state funding, by number of fulltime employees, and by amount of agency head?s salary; and provide lists?with addresses and telephone numbers--of higher education institutions, river authorities, regional councils, and state agency libraries. The Guide also provides information on the state?s court system, sunset review schedule, inter-state compacts and commissions, selected state funding entities, health care councils and resource centers, and a list of state government Web sites.
(Original price $65.)

The free Supplement to the Guide summarizes legislation passed in 2001 that affects Texas state agencies. The Supplement can be obtained in one of two ways: order a printed copy of the Supplement for a shipping/handling fee of $1.50 or download a PDF version at no charge.

Public Service Handbook Series
2001 / 8.5" x 11" / 368 pp.
ISBN-10: 0-89940-333-6


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