1999-2000 Policy Research Projects

Planning for Affordable Housing Issues in Austin, directed by Professor Pat Wong
Client: City of Austin Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Office

Civic Education and School Violence Prevention, directed by Professor Kenneth Tolo
Client: Center for Civic Education, Calabasas, California

Disaster Preparedness, Management, and Recovery, directed by Professor Max Sherman and Cis Myers, Lower Colorado River Authority
Client: Lower Colorado River Authority

Ethnic Relations in the City of Austin, directed by Professor Richard Schott
Client: Austin City Manager's Office

Institution-Building for Sustainable Development: Water Task Forces on the U.S.-Mexico Border, directed by Professor Jurgen Schmandt and George Ward, UT Center for Research in Water Resources
Client: Paso del Norte Water Task Force

Managing for Results in Texas State Government, directed by Senior Lecturer Kenneth Matwiczak and Assistant Dean Barry Bales
Client: Governor's Office of Budget and Planning

Neighborhood Service Delivery, directed by Professor William Spelman
Client: City of Austin Neighborhood Planning Program

The Role of Efficient Transportation in Fostering Sustainable International Trade and Regional Development throughout Latin America, directed by Professors Leigh Boske and David Eaton
Client: Organization of American States

Residential Land Market Dynamics, Absentee Lot Owners, and Densification Policies for Texas Colonias, directed by Professor Peter Ward
Client: Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Harvard University

Responsible Use of the Internet, directed by Gary Chapman, 21st Century Project
Client: Peer Assistance Network of America, Inc.

Urban Design: Improving Citizen Participation, directed by Professor Lodis Rhodes
Clients: Austin Learning Academy; UT Austin Lariat Project

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05 May 2000

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