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Scott & White Assembly examines tough health care issues

Some of the country's toughest health care questions were discussed and debated by national health experts at an assembly sponsored by the LBJ School and the Scott & White health care delivery system on February 19-22.

Structured in the American Assembly format introduced by Dwight D. Eisenhower at Columbia University in 1950, the group discussed the impact of changes in technology, demographics, and medical care organizations, as well as challenges posed by an increasing emphasis on outcomes, competition, and cost.

The event, "America's Health: Seeking Solutions for the 21st Century," culminated in a consensus document by the assembly participants, who included health care experts, physicians, drug company executives, and government officials.

The final document's public policy recommendations will be sent to the U.S. Congress, governors, deans of medical schools, editorial page editors, and others who are in a position to influence medical practice in the U.S.

LBJ School Professor David C. Warner, whose research interests include health policy and health and mental health finance, was the assembly policy director.

Other participants from the LBJ School included Dean Max Sherman; Ray Marshall, the Audre and Bernard Rapoport Centennial Chair in Economics and Public Affairs and former Secretary of Labor; and Alex Pham (LBJ Class of 1993), a health care reporter for The Boston Globe.

LBJ School Professors Jacqueline Angel, Aditi Gowri, and Pat Wong served as rapporteurs. Austin physician Mike Mouw, who is currently enrolled in the LBJ School's mid-career program, also served as rapporteur.

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1 May 97

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