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The University of Texas at Austin

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

December 18, 2006

Staff Excellence Award Nominations Sought; Deadline January 5

The LBJ School will honor an outstanding staff member for his or her contributions to the School in 2006. The LBJ School Staff Excellence Award will include a cash award, a certificate of recognition, and a spotlight on the LBJ School website. The winner will also become the School's official nominee for the UT-wide staff excellence award in January.

Nominations for the staff excellence award can be made by any student, faculty and staff (committee members cannot make nominations) and will be kept confidential. Eligibility is limited to current administrative staff of the LBJ School who work at least 20 hours a week and who have been employed at the School for at least six months. The nomination form can be downloaded from the LBJ School website . You may either email completed nomination forms to LBJDeansoffice@austin.utexas.edu or drop off at the Dean's Office in room 3.100.


School Closing for Holiday Break

As most know, the University of Texas will be closed during the holiday break, beginning December 22 and returning on January 2. The LBJ School will also be closed, but during that time, should the need arise, emergency contact information is available below.

Appreciation for a Great Holiday Party

Judging from the smiles and joviality, everyone seemed to enjoy the holiday party Monday. Our sincerest thanks go to Tamela Walker, Celia Lovett, Janie Wisecup, and Mistelle Barnes for working so diligently to make the arrangements and ensure the event was a success. Thanks to Alan Kuperman, local musician Elena James, and Gregory Engle for providing the music. Also, while we are expressing gratitude, we should extend special appreciation to Dr. Betty Sue Flowers and Judy Allen at the LBJ Library and Museum for graciously allowing the School to use the Atrium as the venue.

In the Media

The Washington Post did a brief feature on Admiral Bobby R. Inman in its December 12 issue, noting the Admiral's career as a venture capitalist and faculty member at the LBJ School.

Dean James B. Steinberg was featured on both NBC Nightly News and MSNBC News on December 7 in a feature "Bush unlikely to accept full Iraq report".

Jim Lindsay and Ivo Daalder wrote a piece for The American Interest entitled "Democracies of the World, Unite," which discusses the opportunities for a renewed multilateralist foreign policy and what forms such a policy might take.

On Thursday, December 12, Eugene Gholz co-wrote an op/ed for the New York Times with Daryl G. Press and Benjamin Valentino of Dartmouth under the headline "Time to Offshore Our Troops." The piece argues not only for a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, but from surrounding countries, as a first step to reassessing longstanding policies in the region.

About News@LBJ

"News@LBJ" is a regular electronic newsletter distributed by the Dean's Office to keep faculty, staff, and students informed about news and events at The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. We encourage everyone to share their news, events, and suggestions with us via e-mail to kerri.battles@mail.utexas.edu.