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Highlight on Alumni Volunteers: 2011-2012 Policy Meal Program

Popular Program Served 158 Students

LBJ School students again coordinated policy-themed meals that paired students with local alumni. Alumni hosted students at their homes or in restaurants, and talked about shared policy interests and careers. These informal gatherings allow students to learn about the real-life work of fellow public policy professionals. In additional to learning about the variety of careers open to public policy graduates, the informal networking generated a number of internship and employment offers.

New alumna Sara Myklebust (MPAff '12) again directed the Policy Meal Program, with assistance from three first year students, Julie Lindsey, and Kaye Schultz, and Jeanie Donovan, along with many additional students who made arrangements for the individual meals. Donovan will take on the role of director in 2012-2013.

Interested in participating in the 2012-2013 Alumni/Student Policy Meal Program? Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs today!

Thank you to the 2012-2013 alumni participants!

Priscilla Aquino Garza, 2007
Rowland. Baldwin, 1990
Taja Beekley, 2007

Blaine Bull, 1982

Leigh Byford, 2008

Jessica Cassidy, 2009
David Cook, 1988
Daniela De Luna, 2010
Eva De Luna Castro, 1997

Amanda Dillon, 2010

Erica Ekwurzel, 2007
Brad Englert, 1984

Lowell Feldmann, 1984
Frank Fernandez, 2001
Jason Fialkoff, 2009

Kenneth Flippin, 2006

Meredith Gray, 2010

Bryan Hadley, 2007

Jessica Kingpetcharat, 2002

Darlene Lanham, 2005

Jon Lee, 2007
Lisa Loftus-Otway, 2004

Ginger Lowry, 1985

Rachel Maguire, 2005

Laura Martin, 2009
Felicity Maxwell, 2001

Kristen McConnell, 2006

Robin McMillion, 2003

Sharla Megilligan, 2004

Maria Mendez-Lewis, 1979

Nick Mills, 2011

Anne Nappa, 1987

Stephen Niemeyer, 1992
John O'Brien, 1981

Kim Kronzer O'Brien, 1982
Ryland Potter, 2009

Saretta Ramdial, 2007
Kristen Reynolds, 2005

Micah Sagebiel, 2006

Lonny Stern, 2004
Ingrid Taylor, 1987
James Taylor, 1984
Emily Vasile, 2009

Margo Weisz, 1994

David Wogan, 2010