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LBJ School Alumni Board - Committees

Alumni Reunion Weekend & Alumni Recognition Committee
Chair: Moses Garcia (MPAff '05)

Purpose: A planning group to assist the School with the annual alumni reunion weekend and the Distinguished Public Service Award.

Responsibilities: Support the annual Alumni Reunion Weekend in conjunction with the Distinguished Public Service Award and ceremony:

  • Work with the LBJ School administration to develop engaging programming for the annual alumni weekend celebration
  • Promote and support attendance at the Alumni Reunion Weekend by establishing strong connections within the class cohorts
  • Establish and promote a nomination process for the selection of the Distinguished Public Service Award (DPSA) recipient
  • Select DPSA recipient and present award

Outreach Committee
Chair: Chris Bjornson (MPAff '96)
Purpose: The Outreach Committee cultivates connections between alumni, current students, faculty, and the greater University community through a number of programs developed to encourage social and professional interaction. A GPAC student representative is a member of this committee.

Responsibilities: Provide opportunities for alumni engagement in a number of outreach activities, including:

  • Social activities centering around geographic and policy areas
  • Liaise with student leaders on the Policy Dinners initiative and Brown Bag Speaker Series
  • Organize alumni participation in Open House events for prospective students
  • Identify professional development opportunities for current students and alumni
  • Promote the achievements of alumni by suggesting content and writing articles for the alumni newsletter
  • Encourage alumni participation in social networking organizations hosted by the School and alumni (i.e., Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)

Career Committee

Chair: Josh Levine (MPAff '12)
Purpose: The career committee works to advance LBJ School alumni in the field of public affairs.

Responsibilities: Identify and promote career opportunities and mentoring for current students, and career advancement for alumni.

  • Encourage alumni to develop internships and hire fellow alumni and students
  • Serve on career panels and related events for current students hosted by the School’s Career Resources office
  • Promote and participate in the School’s Career Contact Program (a group of alumni who allow current and former students to contact them for suggestions and guidance in their employment search)
  • Help develop communication strategies for encouraging alumni to maintain current profiles in the online alumni directory.
  • Encourage alumni to identify the LBJ School in their professional profiles

Alumni Giving Committee
Chair: Jennifer Poulakidas (MPAff '91)
Purpose: This committee works to promote alumni giving to the annual fund, making flexible resources available for strategic School initiatives and bridging the funding gap not covered by tuition, fees and state appropriations.

  • Recommend strategies that will help the LBJ School foster a ‘culture of philanthropy’ among its alumni
  • Create and implement a strategy for reaching those goals in consultation with LBJ School staff

Nominating and Governance Committee
(President, President-elect, Committee Chairs)

Purpose:  The Nominating and Governance Committee ensures the Alumni Board consists of volunteers who are motivated to serve as committee members, and Alumni Board officers. The Nominating Committee strives to bring forward candidates that are dedicated, qualified, and reflective of the diverse range of the School’s alumni.


  • Recruit alumni board candidates, officers, and committee members that support the School and reflect the diversity of the alumni body
  • Present an annual slate of member, officer, and representative candidates to the full board for consideration
  • Determine procedural practices for nomination and selection
  • Provide orientation and training to new alumni board members, officers, and representatives
  • Plan for board member, officer, and representative succession
  • Develop guidelines for official regional and/or policy chapters that establish meaningful and sustainable organizations