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Public affairs is such a comprehensive and dynamic field that it often defies simple definition. The concept of public affairs both encompasses and integrates a wide range of disciplines that include political science, economics, sociology, communications, international relations, administration, organizational management and many others.

Schools of public affairs succeed when they can expose students to a broad understanding of the theories and skills required for a career in public affairs, while also providing the flexibility and diversity necessary for specialization and practical experience that are also at the core of public policymaking.

The top-ranked curriculum at the LBJ School offers students the chance to work closely with a highly respected faculty, and to take advantage of the facilities and expertise made possible by our affiliation with the University of Texas at Austin.

For information specific to each of our degree programs, please visit:

The Master of Public Affairs Program (MPAff)

The Master of Global Policy Studies (MPGS)

The LBJ School PhD Program

Executive Master in Public Leadership (EMPL)

LBJ Washington Center